3 Phase Load Balancing System

At present, world is facing serious energy crisis while Pakistan faces it with greater severity. Electrical energy, among all other forms of energy is one of the most important driving lifeline of the present day modern lifestyle. However, due to diversified reasons such as deteriorating global environment conditions, rapid depletion of fossil fuels, increasing power demand and others, the gap between the demand and supply of electric power is on increase. In addition to increasing the generation capacity to cover the demand – supply gap, emphasis needs be laid on enhancing the efficiency of distribution network.

Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi, Assisntant Professor at NUST along with his students has developed “3 Phase Load Balancing System (3PLB)”. The technology enhances power system efficiency by ensuring balanced operation of residential and commercial loads, by equally distributing the load among three phases. It is installable in power panels used in houses. Using switches and relays, it balances overall load by adjusting load within different phases and system results in up to 20% savings.

NHL has licensed out this technology to Bolts (Pvt) Ltd of Karachi, a well-established company offering Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Fabrication services to the industry. The manufactured units have been deployed at different sites in Karachi.