• AWAAZ AI TECH: AWAAZ a project initiated to provide interactive learning modules for Autistic Children. The team has successfully developed AI based application of which 3 IPR’s have been licensed by NUST to the local industry.
  • ViroScan:ViroScan launched a single diagnostic kit to detect multiple viruses such as detecting HIV, HCV and HBV simultaneously. It consists of simple, non-invasive, low cost paper strip which is designed to aid in the early diagnosis at home. NUST has licensed 3 of its IPRs to the industry for further development.
  • Arraytech:S-Band TRR Module for Phased-Array Radars is related to the development of Transmit-Receive-Receive (TRR) module for phased array mono-pulse radar for ground based systems. This radar technique enables target detection with a single pulse, as opposed to conventional techniques of emitting multiple pulses in different directions and looking for maximum return. The project is a successful indigenization effort for potential use in air-traffic control and surveillance applications through academia-industry partnership between RIMMS-NUST and RWR (Pvt.) Ltd.